What does amma earth stand for? Literally, “mother earth.” Figuratively, amma earth encompasses all aspects of life.

I want to change the world. I always have; but I didn’t fully understand how complicatedly dynamic + deep our existence actually is. Most of existence doesn’t go that deep, honestly.

This site is for those that do; amma earth is Universal. She, I, you — we are one in the same, yet we have given up our power. It sits + waits for us to rise once more, to take it back + unite, because mother is Universal; Because the energy of a mother is pure love.

The divine feminine embodied by the perfect balance of the divine masculine, Within oneselfWhether man or woman.

We are all the same. Follow the path back to your center; back to your heart. Together we can plant the seeds within ourselves, nourish them + watch them manifest into everything we ever dared not dream of before. Witness the unfolding of the soul, the glorious revival of spring as life cascades throughout; as life transforms from within.

Watch earth return to her original splendor. Join the transitioning back to the original amma earth; the Garden of Eden.